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Thought for the week

Why don't people like dandelions?  They are a really beautiful plant (and useful too, you can eat them).  I would much rather see a lawn sprinkled with dandelions, daisies and other "weeds" than an artificial-looking expanse of uniform green.  I sometimes think people form their tastes largely by what they've been told rather than by using their own senses (and sense).  Well, I suppose that's hardly an original insight as it's what the marketing industry is based on.


Strange thing happened the other day.  I had to catch a 156 bus near my home.  As it was around school closing time I had to let one go because it was packed to the gunwales (whatever they are) with schoolchildren (for any reader from abroad who doesn't know England, a bus full of schoolchildren is not a nice thing here).  However, another one followed soon after - but it was numbered 344!  (Stay with me, it gets even more interesting than this . . . )  Now the 344 doesn't come this way but I wondered if they'd extended the route suddenly.  The driver said no, it was just an extra bus to cope with the kids.

That evening I was waiting in the Strand near Charing Cross (officially the centre of London) for an 87 (formerly the 77A but that's another story) which would take me most of the way home.  One turned up but on the side and back it said 345!  I told the driver and he changed the number on the side.  

Coincidence or what?  Two wrong-bus-number experiences in one day, and consecutive numbers at that!!  Interesting.


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If you've never Googled your name, I would guess you are fairly unusual.  If you have and you're the only one, maybe you're even more unusual.

When I first created a website, some years ago, I used to get messages asking if I was the Mark Lester who had been a child actor, famous for his starring role in Oliver!  I often used to be surprised by how many people knew the name, considering he hadn't acted for years and was only really known for one or two films.  

Anyway, these days there seem to be lots of us, so if you've come here by mistake or if you're just curious, have a look at these (there are others):

    Another British songwriter, living in Essex

    A therapist in north London

    A photographer in, I think, Houston

    An American film director

    and, of course, a certain osteopath in Cheltenham.

Have fun.